Everything and nothing two extremes of a line or a circle? If you see from a vantage I seem to have everything but if you can somehow climb inside me and see from my head I see nothing. Music blares: Jesus of suburbia. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. Tu run, run away. To fight what you believe. It feels one can never be happy and contented. All the fight is worthless just mind numbing charade we convince our mind to believe in. Maybe we weren’t meant for this. I do not feel any shame and I won’t apologise. Running away from pain.

You can have anything but not everything. Read somewhere. Is this true? Can we really have anything? Does having that one thing keep us from feeling contended? You do care for others. Do other care for you? Debatable. Why take the pain? Let it be. Maybe. Will one feel whole again? Maybe you were never meant to be whole. Maybe you were always broken inside and hiding it from the world. Music blares: I heard you cry aloud.

My cries? Who answers to them. None it feels. Well so be it. If you accept this then there is so much peace no ? Like eternal peace. None to answer to. Nothing to live upto. Just peace and Cohen maybe.

Music blares: When I come around. When I come around.