Recently I have been feeling a constant need to party all day-night long. Going on a vacation to far off lands and getting wasted. Crazily dancing with strangers, puffing on hill tops, mountain bike rides in long forlorn paths, lying on sun soaked beaches, banging heads in Tomorrowlands, roaming streets in Amsterdam, Mushrooms in Mysore are few of the things I have been dreaming for some nights now. One of the major problem is to find the “right” set of people to do all this with.

How should I plan towards this? As I start my job in few months I would be pushed into a work-life where it is difficult to live with abandon. Halcyon days of college and school are almost gone for good then. I’d have more financial independence but less independence on what to do with that extra monies.

I’d be touching 25 soon. Thats kind of old no? Where is all the ecstasy I worked towards? And when would come a time where I can party as much as I want without guilt tripping myself. I think I have found a way to do all that I “want” to do and all that I “need” to do. Waiting for a time to come where I can party is futile. John Lenon — “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

This day today is what I have got and I need to fill it with all the passion and life-juice I have it in me. I am all for Fighting - Fighting and Fighting more. This time my Fight is for Party.