I have been thinking a lot recently about what makes me go all guns blazing towards a project. It is easy to do that on Day 1 but what is more interesting to me is how should I keep myself motivated and enthusiastic on Day 19 when I am facing a compiler issues on an archaic library which had last update in middle of November 2013. I also want to find behaviour patterns and cycle of thoughts that get me going.

Towards this goal I have zeroed on somethings which are crucial for me and keep my morals high. I’d keep on adding things to this list as I understand myself more and can test the habits/routines.

  • A big overarching goal. Being an ENFP by characteristic I am always motivated by the bigger picture. I want to go for moonshots. This is a plus and a minus at the same time. But this post is not about discussing the merits of the things which drive me. I need the project goal to be substantiative and have real impact on the society or the team or the business for which I am working.
  • Constant loop of feedback. I really like when I get regular feedback on the product/project I am building. This goes on to the level that I have been awake on countless nights pursuing a target when the person I was reporting to took real interest in the work and give me great feedback.
  • I have a soft corner for the poor and disadvantaged people. It is to the extent that I get very emotional when I see anyone having money issues. So anything on which I am working helps alleviate that drives me insanely. So rather than working on something for personal gratification, I like to work on something for the others. It is not uncommon but recently I have seen that not many people are motivated in this way. So this is kind of unique to me in a way.
  • I like to work on things which are presentable in a way. That is to say that I like building pipelines, dashboards as much as I like doing data modelling or machine learning. It gives me a feel of having end to end control and I think I have a fairly decent understanding of what the user of my product would like to see. Therefore I crave for full product development.

Right now I can think of only these. Would update more as and when I feel like :) .