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Inebriated gibberish

Things that alcohol does to your mind

Party, Party and More Party

Party like Gandalf

Quotes to live by

A collection of quotes which I collected overtime

Elephant Candles

Cute little sweet nothings

Failed interview

Meh, this is not for me?

What drives me.

Gas for my no speedlimit freeway.

It is 5:00 am in the morning.

No redbulls please :(

A list of personal values

Things I inculcate or wish to in my decisions

Clock Tik Tok

Dark room and a wall clock

It happens everyday

Had written this one in 2011, found it again somewhere.

Words and Spaces

Attempt at poetry after so long. Reminiscing lost days

First Post

Hello folks! I am starting this blog to keep track of ideas and interesting things I come across.

Also as a medium through which I can share my personal views on some not so personal things. :) Let us see how well it goes.

Add me on the blog rolls fellas :)